ELV-15100 HO Grain Unloading Ramp – Full Car – Kit


Product dimensions are 9.5″ L x 1.375″ W x 0.125″ T



3D printed from silver ABS plastic.  This kit contains a base ramp and three grates to fit between the rails and outside the rails.  This ramp is the full length of a hopper car for use at your elevator or processing mill.  The parts are NOT painted.  Use with Code 83 or Code 100 rail – RAIL IS NOT INCLUDED.  Rails can be CA glued into tracks on the base which should provide proper rail spacing, but use a track gauge to be sure they are positioned correctly.  Grates can be welded to the base using acetone as the welding (gluing) agent.  If your are using cork roadbed and flex track or sectional track, you may consider purchasing the ELV-15101 spacers along with this kit for a perfect shim height with the ties removed where the ramp would be installed.  HOPPER CAR IS NOT INCLUDED.


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