BWF – 4001 Barbed Wire Fencing Kit – HO Scale 4-Strand Spacing

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Package is 10″ x 7″ x 2.75″

Fully packaged



Everything you need to install realistic-looking barbed wire fence on your layout.

Kit Includes:  ABS 3D printed fence dispenser with 4-strand spacing outfeed, 4 spools of fencing material (125 yards per spool), 4-strand printed spacing tool, 4-strand printed starting spacing tool,  and approx. 900 weathered 4″ diam wooden posts.

1 review for BWF – 4001 Barbed Wire Fencing Kit – HO Scale 4-Strand Spacing

  1. Drake Hokanson

    I bought one of these at NMRA in Kansas City in 2018, and with a little practice, was soon able to string very good looking barbed wire fencing. A couple tips: Use quick-set ACC and “kicker” to attach the wire to the posts. This will greatly speed things up. And the sliver thread is too shiny for all but the newest of fences, so weather it down with a dilute boxcar red paint or similar. I used a Q-tip, which worked better than a small paint brush. The “wire” will sag to an alarming degree with the application of water-based paint, but if you’ve originally strung the fence relatively tight, the fence will tighten up again once the paint dries.

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