Dimensional Modeling Concepts is packing up and moving to a new location in Kansas City!  For the next month or so, we will have very limited abilities to fill orders, as most of our stuff (inventory included) has been packed into boxes for the move.  We will make every attempt to fill your orders for the next two or three weeks.  After that, we will be in the middle of the physical move for a couple of weeks.  So, if your items are not in our immediate available stock, WE WILL NOT BE ABLE TO FILL YOUR ORDER UNTIL AFTER DECEMBER 2ND.   In about two weeks, the office phone number will be disabled, but I can still be reached at (402) 212-2009.  Once we are set up to do business in Missouri, I will let everyone know the particulars of the new address and phone number.  WE WILL BE UP AND GOING FOR THE CHRISTMAS SEASON, and since we ship USPS Priority Mail, you should receive your order in plenty of time for gift giving!  Thank you, and we hope that you will hang in there while we relocate to our new digs!


  1. Mike, sorry to see you leave Omaha. I know business was doing very well and your space was limited. I hope your new digs will allow you to expand even more. I wish you well and keep up the excellent work.

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