In these trying times it is hard to know what we can trust, and for good reason.  Epidemics are not pretty, especially this coronavirus (Covid-19).  We are living in a somewhat dangerous time for all of us given the sometimes-dire consequences of this virus.  We want to assure our customers that here at Dimensional Modeling Concepts, being a very small enterprise, we have been socially-distanced and fully sequestered from the public for over 3-1/2 weeks as of today, April 4th.  We will continue to do so for as long as it takes to overcome this menace to our society.  Our products are safe, but it is always recommended that anything coming into your home from an outside source be first sanitized by whatever means you typically use.  None of our products, materials, or packaging has been exposed to outside contamination before it is put into its shipping container.  If our situation changes in any way, we will issue another post alerting our customers to that change, but for now, know that we are dedicated to making our products safe for our customers to use and to enjoy.  Please be safe, and we look forward to continuing a positive business experience for all.

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