DMC is happy to announce that we have finally begun expanding into N Scale offerings!  Many of you have been clamoring for us to get into the N scale market, and we have finally had the opportunity to begin converting over some of our more popular items.  We debuted our Snyder Boom Cabinets and our Medium-Long HVAC Air Handler at the Amherst Train Show in Springfield, MA on January 25th and 26th.  These items will be available in out website catalogue over the next few days.  We have also begun production of some of the wooden power towers in N scale as well.  Those will be a few weeks out yet, but the initial prints are looking really good!  We will be working to convert more items in the coming months and we are really excited to begin this offering to our N scale customers.  Look for Snyder Boom Cabinets as items DFS-2701, DFS-2702, DFS-2703, DFS-2704, DFS-2705, and DFS-2706.  The Medium-Long HVAC Air Handler is item HVC-3702.  We appreciate everyone’s patience as we have been working for a number of months now to make this new product release a possibility, and we thank all of our N scale followers for their input and encouragement.

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