Dimensional Modeling Concepts is pleased to finally announce the official release of its new flanged pipe flatcar loads.  These loads were a hit at the National Train Show this year and we sold out quickly.  These models will make great load additions for your fleet of flatcars and bulkhead flatcars.  The models are printed from ABS plastic and come pre-painted in red oxide for the 48″ diameter pipes and pre-painted in gunmetal for the 36″ diameter pipes.  The 48″ diameter pipes come two to a package and it is up to you how you use them, but two can fit on a single flatcar if the flanged ends are staggered just little bit to prevent overhang, or you can overhang them for use as a “wide load” for your dispatcher to deal with.  The 36″ diameter pipes are offered as a package of six pipes, and come with six support cradles so that you can make two stacks of three pipes to fit on your flatcar.  The original pipe models, themselves, sadly suffered from a durability issue resulting from the layered printing process which caused the pipes to fracture with slight pressure.  That issue had to be corrected before we could release them for general sales, which is why it has taken a few months to get these released to the catalogue.  We are happy to say that the issue has been corrected, and the new models are rather durable and not as susceptible to breakage as the first offering was – we’ve tested them.  Enjoy this new offering from DMC!  These pipes also have uses beyond just flatcar loads.  We may just come out with an additional line of flanged fittings one of these days…….you just never know, so keep checking back in with us.

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