Dimensional Modeling Concepts is happy to announce the addition of new Grain Unloading Ramps (ELV-15100) to its product line.  These items have been a great seller for us at shows this year, but we needed to revamp our production process before offering them for general sales.  We are happy to say that we are now producing these efficiently for supplying our customer demand.  These unloading ramps make a great addition to your elevator or processing mill.

The ELV-15100 model is a full car-length unloading ramp/grate and comes with a base ramp and sets of three grates for one between the rails and one on each side outside of the rails.  You will need to add whatever rail that you need (Code 70, 83, or 100) by CA gluing it to track slots printed on the ramp base.  If you are inserting this ramp into a spot where you have used cork roadbed under your track, we can also provide printed shims/spacers (ELV-15101 at an additional cost) for the perfect height of cork plus ties so that your rails will sit on the ramp and you won’t have to figure out how much styrene or other shimming material you would need to get the correct height.

We will be soon be offering a half-length unloading ramp (ELV-15105) for those of you who have smaller buildings where a car would be pushed or dragged across the ramp for one-bay-at-a-time unloading.  We have finished preliminary test printing for this item, and it should be ready for release in a couple of weeks.

We hope that you will be as excited as we are about this new product – I have already added three of these ramps to my own Ralston-Purina pet food processing plant, and they look great!

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