Due to an upturn in business – thank you all for your orders – Dimensional Modeling Concepts is pleased to announce that we are expanding our production capacity today.  We have added two new printers to our facility, bringing our total to 9 printers available for production.  Given that we were running our printers 24/7 just to keep up with orders, there was the increasing fear that we would not be able to keep our promises to our potential N scale and O scale customers.  Thanks to a successful National Train Show and the proceeds from the current run of orders, we accumulated enough capital to facilitate the purchase of the two new printers.  We will be bringing them on line this weekend and should be able to start getting some of the non-HO projects rolling out.  Thank you to all of our customers and clients for your support, your business, and your great input.  These are exciting times for us, and we are excited to be a able to bring you all a great line of products to enhance your railroad modeling!

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