DMC will be displaying at Spring Creek Model Trains’ annual train show in Deshler, Nebraska on June 29th and 30th.  Dave and Deb Zucker put on the best small town show you could ever want to attend.  If you’ve never been to their train store, it is one of the largest stores that I have ever been in.  Their inventory levels are outstanding, as is the range of products that they sell.  You’ve seen them at most every significant train show out there.  We are proud to have Spring Creek as one of DMC’s major distributors!  We will be there to show you all of our newest products, as well as those we have been producing for 1.5 years now.  Stop in and see us, and buy our products from Dave and Deb!  They are located in the small town of Deshler, NE in south central Nebraska.  It will be a fun weekend.  Come on out!

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