Dimensional Modeling Concepts is pleased to announce that we have developed and released for sale a new 6-foot diameter, 45-ft long HO scale industrial shell & tube heat exchanger.  This new item is intended to be used as a unique flatcar load or in an industrial plant setting.  The heat exchanger measures 6.5″ long, 1.25″ wide, and 2″ tall.  It comes either as a 48-piece kit (FCL-14000) or a fully-assembled model (FCL-14001) and retails for $28.00 as a kit, or $40.00 as an assembled model.  This item is 3D printed in ABS plastic and can be assembled using acetone or MEK as a welding/bonding agent.  This item is printed with a high level of detail including bolts and rods, as well as a support crane for the head plate.  Hold-down eyelets are included in the kit and can be attached if the heat exchanger is used as a car load.  We hope that you will agree that this item will make a superior load for your freight train consist, and will be the envy of all of your friends.  This is the first offering in what we hope will be a long line of unique and detailed flatcar loads coming out this year.  Keep checking back regularly to dmcrrproducts.com for new items and offerings.

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