As a modeler of the Santa Fe’s Arizona Mainline from Winslow to Kingman, there has always been a glaring need for a correct model of the I-beam style signal bridges found on the ATSF CTC dual-track line between Winslow, AZ and Seligman, AZ.  The same style bridges can be found at locations in Missouri and California.  There has never been a model offered of this particular style of signal bridge….until now!

I scratch-built one of these some 18 years ago for a model contest, but it was a large undertaking.  Having fully measured one of these bridges, and photographed another in detail, I was able to use that information to begin the process of 3D printing the signal bridge.  I know that I need about 20 of these for my own layout, so I wanted to create a model that was faithful to the prototype, but that offered a few advantages for adding signals and hiding the wires.

The development phases of the new model are nearing completion and a couple of prototypes have been created and assembled.  We will have some photos for these coming out soon.  These models DO NOT include the actual signals, but is being produced so that adding BLMA or Oregon Rail Supply signal heads will be relatively easy.  With that in mind, and considering the detail we are adding to the bridge deck plate for conduits and junction boxes, there will be 13 different deck plate configurations available once the development process is completed.

This is a really exciting offering coming from DMC, and I for one, cannot wait until the product is complete and ready for sale to our customers.  This was one of the items for which I founded this company as we continue to try to fill the gaps in model railroading with truly unique products.

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  1. Saw a prototype of this when I visited Steve Preist’s Layout during the KansasCity National Convention. Hope the development is progressing!

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