January 10, 2018

Welcome, everyone, to Dimensional Modeling Concepts or DMC for short!  It is a good day, as always to be a model railroader.  We are getting the business kicked off, and it appears that we are off to a good start.  This last weekend we introduced the business at Prototype Rails, an RPM event, in Cocoa Beach, FL.  We were there with two of our Drott-Case IM loader cranes in HO scale, HO Snyder boom cabinets for diesel refueling pads, and a number of items for HO scale industrial HVAC equipment.  We also introduced our HO electrical disconnect cabinets (package of 20), and HO scale catwalks that are a scale 30″ wide and come in scale lengths of 30′, 20′, 15′ and 10′ so that modelers have a length choice to fit their needs.  The catwalks are open-grate style and come separately, or with hand railings at an additional cost.  We have a full line of 48″ diameter round HVAC ductwork, as well as a full offering of 3′ x 5′ rectangular ductwork to accompany the two sizes of HVAC Air Handlers so that your factory rooftop can be the envy of all of your friends!

These are just our first offerings.  As a 3D printing company, we are all about creating a variety of products for our clients, both from our own build lists and from ideas submitted by you, our customers.  We are not a high volume outfit (for now), but we believe that we can make some of the most detailed and interesting products that you just won’t find from the big manufacturers.  Best of all, when you submit your order, we print it right away, thus we are never out of stock!

While at the RPM meet in Cocoa Beach, our owner, Mike Brusky, provided a clinic to the attendees on 3D printing with insight into the process of using 3D printing to supplement modeling needs.  He touched on Selecting a printer, Choosing 3D Software, and offered up a number of tips and how-tos when it comes to making 3D prints.  It’s always a pleasure to share this kind of information with our fellow modelers.

So, stayed tuned and check back often, as we will be continually expanding our product catalogue with exciting new items to fill some of those modeling voids out there.  We are modelers that are making models for you.

Thanks, and keep on railroading!

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    1. Sorry, we are working on getting that information up on the product descriptions, but everything, for now, is offered in HO scale. I have not tried printing any of these in other scales yet, but if you have a request for N scale or O scale, I can try to make that happen. It’s just a scaling factor in the print file to go up or down, then it is a matter of it it fits on the printer plate (O scale items) or a matter of how much detail disappears in N scale. If you need N or O, let me know and I can try it.

  1. Hey Mike,

    GREAT to see the product line in actual production. I know your skill level as a model builder and many folks can benefit from your professional engineering talent. I have built several of your products recently and am very pleased with the results. Watch Model Railroad Craftsman a couple of articles featuring your work.

    Stephen Priest, Editor RMC

  2. I was introduced to some of your products this weekend at the Burlington Route Historical Society Meeting in Quincy, Illinois by a fellow HO modeler! The concept behind application of the barbed wire fencing was impressive with the four feeder spools (with a whole lotta yards of wire) The cattle guards were also well detailed and had a user-friendly texture! I just had to know how to locate you on the web so he handed me a paper card torn off one of the products! Thank you, thank you for such a fine initial offering of products at extremely fair prices! I can see myself purchasing and using some of your products right away! Can’t wait to see what new products you will be featuring!

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